Be advised this site is NOT IN ANY WAY officially endorsed/approved/affiliated with, or by, the Texas Juvenile Justice Department state agency and is intended purely as a forum for FREE SPEECH available to anyone who chooses to contribute content of any sort.  Viewpoints expressed are protected by the U.S. Constitution, so feel free to speak up; opinions expressed here are of the contributing author's only.  Even though I no longer work for The Agency (now no longer TYC), thanks for your input... again, everyone is welcome and all opinions will be accorded equal respect. To visit the ORIGINAL "TYC GIDDINGS" website (that I was strong-armed into having to take down while still employed at TYC) which was active from July 2011 - October 2011, please click HERE.

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The Giddings State School seems to be continually in the midst of disturbing changes. JCO's have a responsibility AND A RIGHT to work together for their own safety, security, and emotional/mental well being.   

The timely truth of what's been going on at the campus CAN be told, SHOULD be told, and now, WILL be told. As taxpayers and/or employees, we have the right to be unafraid in addressing legitimate and honest concerns respectfully to authorities in the TJJD organization, our State legislators, the Media -- whoever can help promote a safer, more effective, and healthier working environment.

The webmaster of this website supports the legtimate legal rights of all adult contributors.  You should be aware this site is intended for ADULTS ONLY.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  If you're not at least 18 years of age, hit your back button now.


My mission on this site is to encourage all dorm staff and teachers to be good stewards of the State's trust and finances.  We ALL should strive for fair and honest dealings with youth and their families, taxpayers, co-workers, and State resources to reach our common goals as responsible citizens and parents.  This site is a place for you to freely connect with peers and the public in an honest and timely manner... to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly as it exists on the campus of GSS and elsewhere. 

This is not a place for MY personal vendettas or cyber-flaming of others.  Everyone else can do what they like.  If your intention here is to share the truth  in good faith, I will respect your posts -- otherwise they may just disappear, you know?  

And remember one thing: Even if nothing  else, most staff have at least done a pretty good job at keeping the kids inside the fence ~ so KUDOS TO ALL. A  little humor here is OK, eh? 



Please view the shocking video above... then... read the author's rebuttal to criticism of his book by clicking HERE. Decide for YOURSELF who's telling the TRUTH... and if it can all happen AGAIN!!?


This is what I looked like after breaking up a fight a few years ago... and this is what is still going on due to the breakdown of campus culture at Giddings. NOT A PRETTY PICTURE, is it?

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