Don't care too much to work TOO hard for a living, you know?  And really would rather work for myself and my wife than for the State of Texas, eh??  So that's why I left GSS and started doing what I love -- selling tattoo equipment!!  My wife (in photo below) loves it too, and really likes not having me working at the school, pulling all those 12's+ and putting myself in danger for a paycheck and nothing more.  Working for ourselves isn't THE MOST secure way to make a living, but it sure beats putting up with the crap I used to.

We have reclaimed our relationship as married partners, and, business partners as well.  It's a good feeling.

Do I look surprised?  I was!!  Irene snapped this picture of me.  Do I look happy?  Well... it might be hard to tell, but I am.  When I was getting ready to leave GSS and kept hearing my co-workers say things like "I just can't quit here... I just can't.  I need a job.  There's nothing else for me to do" I knew they were just making excuses or were LAZY.  I didn't have a lot of money to get started in this tattoo business, but we started small and have been doing well enough to keep the wolf from the door.  I firmly believe if you are reading this and are sick and tired of being treated like crap at a State School -- there IS an alternative.  I'd be happy to offer some advice and guidelines... if we can do it, so can you!