Thanks for stopping by!  If you've never been here before, let me give you a general idea of what's going on at this site.

 It started out a number of months ago under another name; the URL containied the words "Giddings" and "TYC" -- and this (along with a link put on another site I used to manage) pissed off the Powers That Be so they put me on 3 months probation for being ... I dunno ... honest, I guess... even though they claimed the content of the site itself was (and I quote) "of no concern" to them.  Well, it sure the hell SHOULD HAVE BEEN since I was detailing some critical and crucial problems occuring on campus, of which no one officially seemed to notice or care about.

So I changed the name of the TYC website and took my other website underground (for the time being) and began anew as the "TDJJ" site you are now on.  My mission was, and is, the same -- to  promote a better working environment for my fellow JCO's, to ensure good stewardship of the State's resources, and to help the prepare the youth incarcerated here to leave our facility with a better than an even chance of staying out of trouble.

Have I succeeded?  Yes and no, I suppose, in ways that aren't always clearly understood.  Ohhh, well... it's not for a lack of trying!  You might think I'm a leftist or go about things a little militantly -- but that's just the way I am.  The Adminstration on campus has YET to acknowledge the existance of this website, let alone the content presented here -- not only by myself, but others as well.  No one has officially asked me "What do YOU think?"  In order for our collective voices to be heard I have dedicated this website in hopes of providing community and positive change... that's all.  I'm not here to personally attack any of the limp-wristed chickenshit  do-nothing ignorant idiots that run the agency.  That's not my style.  But they DO EXIST, and telling the TRUTH is OK in my book.  Capiche?

So!!  Now that you've gotten an overview of things, let me offer you a bit of a tour.  The site is stupidly simple, because well... never mind.  Let's just say I like it that way.  The homepage contains a few items of interest, including:

THE SHOUTBOX -- this is where you can leave short (150 characters max) blurbs that get published online right away.  They can  -- as everything else posted here -- be posted anonymously.  If you cut a link from your browser bar you can paste it here along with a short description and it'll show up as "[link]" that can be clicked on.  I often use it to alert visitors to breaking information and sites that pertain to what's going on in the TJJD agency as a whole.  The shoutbox is a good way to get a "quick fix" for whatever it is you have to share.

THE GUESTBOOK -- To keep spam away, I need to approve all entries here, but don't worry -- I usually check it at least once a day.  There seems to be a problem of not being able to insert a carriage return (AKA "enter", to break up paragraphs) so anything you write will run all together... I sometimes enter "/////" to indicate the start of a new paragraph.  No idea how much you can write there, but it seems pretty much limitless, so have at it.  Since everyone has been forewarned on the homepage that this is a site for ADULTS, you're allowed to use adult language, but keep the fucking obscenities to  minimum if you can... not that it offends ME, but some people might be more tender-eyed than me.  Imagine that!

THE FREE LINKS -- Here's where you can add any links you want for whatever you want... buy or sell, amuse or enrage... there's different catagories to choose from.  They too require my approval to go live, but I'm not going to be much hardcore on passing them as long as it's not outright spam.  This is kind of a Public Service option for those who want to post a link that will continue to show up everytime someone logs on.

THE "RAPED BY THE STATE" VIDEO -- A MUST SEE!!  This guy wrote a book and it was supressed by by TYC -- they DID NOT want anyone to know what was REALLY going on... and look where THAT sort of mindset got us!  The author is a TYC ex-ombudsman, so I feel he has a finger on the pulse of things no matter how unflattering it is to the agency. Please take the time to view the clip.  And look at his rebuttal of a critique of his book, too!!  YOU DECIDE who to believe and if or not we may be heading down the same slippery slope to total meltdown.  Guess it's pretty clear what MY feelings are, but check it out for yourself.  WARNING -- it's not a pretty picture.

THE BLOG -- This is where you are now, and is where I get a chance to rant and rave and post funny pictures sometimes.  It's updated a few times a week, at least, and gives me a forum to spout off on everything and anything that PISSES ME OFF about the sorry-ass situation this job has become.  Read it with a grain of salt or accept it as the gospel truth: It's my opinion, and I'm sticking with it!