What is it we're supposed to be trying to DO every day when we come to work... besides make a paycheck?  I'd like to suggest it's a combination of things -- not least of which is to HELP THE KIDS learn enough to finish up their incarceration with the knowledge and skills to stay out of the justice system, right?  Not an easy job, for sure -- but as most of us would have to admit (if only privately), a job we're NOT succeeding at very well.

And what are the KIDS supposed to be doing while they're locked up?  Learning to tattoo, strongarm those weaker than they are, lie, steal, figure out more efficient ways to use drugs?  Ahhh... no.  But again -- most of us would probably have to admit that's EXACTLY what they're getting "educated" at while at our facility.  Are they learning the basic tenent of "what goes around, comes around"?  I think not.  And it's a shame, since it pretty much guarantees they're gonna get themselves locked up again after we're done with 'em.

The next logical question that comes to my mind is "what is Admin supposed to be trying to do"?  Seems to me they have one over-riding thought... that can be summed up with three little letters...

OK, so that's what we're all doing, but is it the RIGHT thing to do?  What is it we're ALL SUPPOSED TO DO to make our efforts worthwhile enough to put forth the time and energy to try and make a positive change?

But who wants to do THAT??  Us JCO's, the kids, and Admin all have our own agendas.  We all want what WE WANT; the hell with anyone else... gimmie what -I- deserve, and screw y'all if necessary.  And THAT is the main problem we're having.  A change in thinking is necessary as to 1.) What we should be trying to do  2.) How we get together on the same page  3.) What the costs, benefits, and consequences of working together will be. 


Are we ready to do it?  I don't think so, not quite yet.   We ALL need to be willing to CHANGE the way we do business, on our own, and amongst each other.  For example, what is good for Admin may not be seen as good for the kids, in their way of seeing things... but if we could ALL AGREE on ONE THING I think it should be that everyone's main goal is to help create a safer environment for everyone on and off campus, no matter if they're "in the system" or not.  If we can keep even ONE PERSON from becoming the innocent victim of someone who thinks they're tougher, smarter, badder, whiter/blacker/browner, richer, slicker or WHATEVER than someone else  -- then we ALL come out ahead.