Now that the newspaper headlines are over... now that there's been a couple BigWig visits to campus... now that a few kids have been transferred to Mart, a few meetings called, and numerous other staff have up and quit -- NOW WHAT?  What does the future hold?

Too early to tell, most likely.  From what I've been led to understand, not much has really changed on campus... nothing that really COUNTS, anyhow.  Sure, there's been a push to get polo shirt uniforms for staff, but I'll betcha if they get issued by July they'll be phasing them out by December.  You wait.  And besides, having uniforms or not really isn't much of what's causing the problems on campus, is it?  It might be a positive step, but it's not enough to save the campus from the problems it faces.

There's been talk of more meetings -- and oh, yeah, that's really going to help!!  Half the time staff don't show up, the other half the time the meeting is called off without advance warning.  Even when a meeting IS held (and on time) on the dorm or in the chapel -- they usually aren't worth the time attending.  "STAFF MUST COME TO WORK!" was the mantra at the last campus wide meeting in the chapel, so I hear... and my oh my... if you REALLY have to say that, what does it prove?  Does Admin think staff don't somehow know this already, or can't they tell that staff JUST DON'T CARE?

Here to tell you, it's hard to care when you're treated poorly and have to work in a dangerous environment with little appreciation, recognition, or personal rewards.  When co-workers continue to get injured, when youth are allowed to riot without consequence, when supervisors continue to slack off on their responsibilities... who can blame staff who lose their dedication and sense of purpose?  Who can look forward to the future with any hope?

There is a slight window of opportunity still open... and a slim chance that bold and decisive changes will help turn the campus culture around at GSS to make it a place that WORKS instead of one that just skims by and limps along shift after shift, day after day.  Success or failure mainly depends on what kind of discipline is expected of Admin, staff, the kids, and those in Austin.  As long as no one censures those who are not doing their jobs and meeting expectations, no change will occur.  If no changes occur The System will continue to sink deeper and deeper into Meltdown Mode and... and... well, who knows?  HOW BAD can things get?