When you're ready to leave the State School, they ask you to fill out an "EXIT QUESTIONAIRE" and select just ONE answer as to why you're quitting.  Talk about a tough decision!!  Here's some of the reasons you can choose:

1.  "Conflict with co-workers":  That's a great one to start with, but is it the MAIN reason most folks quit?  Dunno.  MAYBE.  Over the years, there's been more than a few I simply couldn't stand to be around, let alone work with, for one reason or another.  These reasons variously have included being lazy, racist, sleazy, on drugs, etc etc etc.

2.  "Conflict with supervisor":  Had plenty of that, too... more often than not, due to a LACK of supervision when it was asked for and needed.  Supervisors at GSS don't generally supervise as much as they should -- and -- waffle on policy too often, as well.  They have temper tantrums and hide out to keep from having to actually WORK.  Another good choice for quitting work, but again, not The Big one.

3.  "Lack of facility leadership":  Huh!!  You mean the Powers That Be on the hill are SUPPOSED to be providing us grunts with some LEADERSHIP??  No way!!  Really??!  Who could've imagined that?  Not me... I thought their main function was to ignore the obvious and accentuate the meaningless.  IF ONLY we had solid facility leadership, we'd not be in the world of shit we are currently and less people would be quitting and perhaps choosing this as a reason.

4.  "Overtime":  Put it this way -- If I needed a job that paid more for a 40 hour work week, I'd try to get the education or experience to GET that job.  Unexpected 12 hour shifts have caused a LOT of people to throw in the towel here.  Personally, I don't ever want ANY overtime; but that's just me.  More of a recurring irritation than a real reason to quit.

5.  "Safety":  NOW we're talkin'... here's a real contender.  Though they should've worded it "LACK of safety", eh?  Being safe ISN'T something that scares people; the uncertainly of being whacked DOES scare us.  The fact that the campus is unnecessarily unsafe is a real game breaker for many, and rightfully so.  As inherently unsafe as this line of work is, there's no reason it can't be made MORE SAFE except  for the fact there's no one willing to make sure the kids know the consequences of injuring staff will spell certain doom for them.  When kids see by example that their peers are getting another 5 years in the slammer for hitting on staff, they'll choose to do it a LOT LESS, I bet.

6.  "Unfair treatment":  Ahhh, this has got to be one of my favorites!  Am I bitter... am I angry... am I disgusted with the ways I've been treated "unfairly" during my time here?  Oh, you betcha!!  In more ways, more times than I can count.  In little ways and in subtle ways.  In big, obvious ways.  In illegal, immoral ways -- you name it.  I'm not one much to bitch and moan, but I WILL say yes, I HAVE been treated unfairly here, and for no good reasons.  As one who most definitely is NOT "in the clique", I've gotten the shitty end of the stick plenty of times, again and again and again.  Grrr.

7.  "Overall work envirnonment":  JACKPOT!!  This is gotta be the #1 reason I'm getting out of here ASAP.  Overall, it's been a pretty lousy job.  Overall, I don't feel like I've been appreciated... or well enough compensated for my compliance with agency policies... or listened to, respected, challanged,  protected, and... and... and... you get the drift.

THEN -- after you reply with one of the answers above, they have a number of other cockamamie questions they want you to answer, for some reason, not sure why.  They're all kind of "too little, too late" sort of things, but are sort of amusing in a way, too.  Here's some samples:

"What could TJJD have done to retain your employment with the agency?"  -- Do they REALLY THINK I can adequately answer that in the teensy little 7" x 1/2" box they provide?  C'mon, y'all!!  I could -- and indeed MAY -- write a damn BOOK answering THAT one!!


"Was your overall employment at TJJD an enjoyable and productive experience? (YES)/(NO)"

Get me a barf bag -- I think I'm gonna be SICK.  I'd love to know how many JCO 1-4's have ever answered affirmatively to THAT little self-serving inquiry.   I mean, would YOU??  ~~  No, and I didn't think so, either.  I rest my case.