Guess this is where the rubber hits the road. I'm going to go into the HR office at GSS and tell them yes, I had written them an official letter saying I planned my last workday these to be the 10-6 shift on Saturday, 1-14-12 -- techinically that would mean my last actual day working there would be on the morning of Sunday, 1-15-12.

But I think that is not to be.

I have the option EITHER having to lie to some ODS about why I wasn't coming in (~~ shall I say "sick"? ~~) the next couple days (and thereby be able work at my own business MYSELF, potentially making twice as much (or more) than working for the State) ... OR ... not lying and saying "I WON'T LIE ABOUT IT" and let them know the 10-10 they expect me to work today will cut into my self-employment efforts, and, I really need to make some extra money, now that I'm quitting and all -- and then tell them TODAY, RIGHT NOW, that I quit.

The "plan" is they'll be ready for me at 1:30 this afternoon at HR when I go in to do my out-processing. Ahhhh... noooo... I really don't care to just drop my ID badge and parking permit in the bucket on my way out this coming Sunday morning and have that be it, as it were. That seems too much like going out with a whimper. Not that I intend or want or -- OK, I'll say it -- even NEED to be vindictive about my resiignation, but I have to -- I repeat, HAVE TO believe "what's fair is fair" and "what goes around comes around".

Case in point... the latest New Year's Eve and New Year's Day schedule screwed me big time. Stayover Star on NYE and then bullshit-"have-no-idea-when-I-can-leave" situation on NYD, which made me just a TEENSY BIT damn irritated when I asked the ODS "WHEN did you know relieviing staff was going to be "late", and for how "late" are they gonna be? 4 minutes? 4 hours?" ... only to be given the old "uhhh... I dunno", "I'm-just-stupid and not responsible" reply sthick.

HUH???  Who's on first?? And this morning, we didn't know till after 6:00 AM if/who was going to have to stay over -- or not. Turns out a morning staff indeed had called in, but WE didn't hear about it till AFTER quittin' time. So a co-worker got screwed. I WOULD have gotten screwed, myself, EXCEPT I was scheduled to work a 12 already this evening. Tomorrow night I'm on the schedule to work a well-known to be out of control dorm, with a half dozen staff on FMLA, and that occasionally experiences TOTAL SHIFTS calling in on certain days. It's NOT a fun place to be. To top everything off... they've furthermore got me scheduled to work a 12 on my LAST DAY, the 14th?? I think NOT. Methinks I've been screwed around with enougn by acts of commission, and omission as well.. My JCO 6 supervisor hasn't said a word regarding my leaving, even after a week. The kids and staff will have no problem adjusting to my abcense... if I... just... fade away. No big deal. So many Old Timers have quit over the past year it'll be only a small blip on the radar when I'm gone; again, the torch continues to be passed to the New Generation of JCO's coming up.   And all I can say is "good luck, y'all!"


Yes, even though I'm tired and had enough, I want to HAND IN my badge and permit, person to person, to the lady in HR and say "This is it. As of this moment in time, I no longer am employed by this orgainzation, and I will be happy to willingly and peacefully remove myself from the facility grounds just as soon as the ink dries on the last form I have to fill out. Thank you."

...And then be gone. No more lies. No more wondering... agonizing... waiting... no more no more no more.  Just have it be OVER AND DONE WITH, then let the healing begin, and Big Bucks, too, if I'm lucky. If not, we'll come up with Plan B -- but no more State School employment. At the end of the day, I'm going home ~~ regardless.