OK, I know a picture is worth 1,000 words -- at least that's what they say.  Maybe so.   Just to be perfectly clear, here's a few thousands words worth of pics to get the idea across...

I think 6 1/2 years of working at this thankless job is enough, if not mebbe a wee bit toooo much.  I'll take that  back -- DEFINATELY more than a "wee" bit.  A LOT too much.  I've lost my edge, my effectiveness, my bite.  And more.  I've lost my heart and soul for what it was I was hoping to accomplish by working here.  Ohhhh, well.


It's looking like January 14th will be my last duty day; please note I AM giving Admin 2 weeks notice as requested.  It may be more than they deserve (or really have the right to expect) but that's just the way I do things.  Another old saying:  "Plunge your hand into a bucket of water and pull it out... and the hole that remains is about how much you'll be missed when you leave".  I honestly believe that, sort of sad to say, but it's not hard to figure the Powers That Be will find another poor schmuck to fill in where I'll be leaving off, and without much noticable difference overall as to how things work out on the dorm or with the kids.  Sigh.  This website, however, will continue.

GLAD TO SAY we're not simply throwing ourselves to the wolves -- my spouse and I have somewhat of an idea as to what we plan to do, and will hopefully keep up with our financial obligations and such.  We'll see.  In my mind, it's worth the risk, worth the chance, worth our relationship and FOR SURE worth the UNCERTAINLY, compared to the numbing "security" that Giddings State School has provided all these years.  Life's too short not to live to the fullest and if it involves risks, so be it!

Sometimes ya gotta roll the dice and takes yer chances.  Call me a fool, an ingrate, whatever you like -- but I've had it.