I don't wanna burst anyone's balloon, but the article printed in the GIDDINGS TIMES & NEWS was NOT all that accurate.  Allow me to point out a few discrepancies and make a few comments on today's headlining  article, "State School teens damage dorm, run around on campus."

1."About 50 students (they're anything BUT "students", as most of them go to class only to sleep and socialize) left a classroom... and ran around the facility for 45 minutes to an hour before they could be brought back inside".  I think it was a LOT more kids than just 50 -- try doubling that amount -- and a LOT longer than an hour before they were all brought back "inside".
2. "In a separate incident Thursday about 2 A.M., 6 to 10 students (great accounting job there, huh?) on one side of a 32-bed dorm (HUH??!  There's 42 beds, total, on both sides, 21 per separate side -- DO THE MATH!  16 per side, though, IS the LEGAL allowable maximum) kicked in a door (not the first time they've done this; anyone ever hear of buying locks that WORK?)  and broke several (all the indoor ones, yes) windows before going outside.  It took about 30 minutes to round them up."  Oh?  Then why was I still seeing them being chased down a couple HOURS later, and didn't get back to my own dorm till 4 A.M.?
3."One juvenile correction officer sprained a wrist but none of the kids were injured."  Then where did on the blood on the floor come from?  Why do we have a JCO 6 out for broken ribs?  How about the kid that had to be taken to the hospital for surgery from the incident on Wednesday?
4."... has been referred to by school officials as 'student unrest' instead of 'riots'."  Well, Sunshine, call it what you will -- but you had to have been there... or at least have worked there for a few months to really know what was going down.  They weren't un-resting.  They were, pure plain and simple, RIOTING.  Repeat, RIOTING.
5.The "Office of the Inspector General is reportededly (my emphasis) investigating these incidents involving youth behavior, trying to determine exactly what caused the episodes and identifying the offenders."  Maybe I can help cut to the chase here:  Word on campus is that all this mess was race and gang related, Blacks v.s. Hispanics.  Does that help?  Nothing new there.  How about all the white kids lately sporting new swastika tattoos?  Maybe they'll get in the fray and turn things into a "three way".  Oh, joy!!  Just what we DON'T need.
6...."the public may never hear about many of (these) incidents, since press releases are simply never issued" (emphasis mine).  DUH!!  Don't I know it??!  Can you say 'coverup'?  How about 'CYA'?  Or 'scandal' -- remember that word from '07? Nahhh, I didn't think you would.  That's what you get for working at the Giddings State School.  Business as usual here, all the time!  No matter what.
7."When the Times & News requested information after a female juvenile correction officer was stabbed multiple times by a student using a ballpoint pen back in September (what, about 3 months ago?), officials said the case was "under investigation" (original italics).  Three months later, the report still had not arrived by press time."  Well, blow me down -- who woulda thunk??  And guess what -- it probably never WILL arrive, either.  Maybe the Times & News needs to ask a non-"official" employee... WE ALL know what happened to her, and the kid, right?
8."When a local man had a (one?) rib broken a couple months ago while trying to restrain one of the juvenile offenders, no information was released to the media, again leaving the public wondering exactly what happened."  Gee... starting to sound like a broken record here, but again -- it's business as usual on campus.  We can't afford to let "outsiders" know exactly how bad things are behind the fence, now, can we?
9."Another employee says that "Giddings State School juvenile correction officers are under attack by the juvenile delinquents who live there", adding that "there have been numerous assaults on staff while trying to get juveniles to follow simple basic rules."  HOORAY!!!  That wasn't -ME- who said that, I swear... but it IS TRUE.
10."Surrounded by chain-link fences laced at the top by barbed wire..."   ...Ahhh, clean your glasses.  I don't see but a very few strands of wire here and there on a couple buildings inside the campus grounds.  If anything, we need MORE barbed wire.  LOTS of it.  Maybe then the kids will stay off the roofs where they can have sex and do whatever else it is they do before being bribed down with the promise of pizzas and no consequences.
11."...this state-run agency housing some of the most (not SOME... THE most) violent juvenile offenders doesn't even use the Giddings Police Department or Lee County Sheriff's Department to deal with disturbances anymore, instead handling incidents and investigations "in-house" (original italics).  OK... see above.  Repeat AGAIN -- "coverup".... "CYA"... "scandal".   Guess we're above the law behind the gate?  How nice.
12."We are the last ones called when something happens at the State School", said Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer, who added he had not been aware of either of these recent incidents."  Oh yeah?  I find that REAL DAMN HARD to believe, Sir... but then, who am -I- to accuse anyone of conspiracy?  I just work there!!