After having read it all over, I've come to the simple conclusion that it ain't gonna fly, y'all.  Sorry to burst yer bubbles.

Reason? The Plan doesn't actually address what the CORE PROBLEM is on campus -- the need for accountability at all levels.  As the picture below illustrates, the problem starts AT THE TOP.

Call it what you will, but I see this "plan" mainly as a re-hash of previous promises and failed intentions.  Oh sure, it comes with the BEST of INTENTIONS and LOOKS GOOD on paper... but the bottom line is nothing more than what the picture below shows.  Get my drift?


Call me a cynic if you will, or read on.  I'll go over some "Plan" particulars you can decide for yourself if my opinions warrant any merit or not.  First of all, this "action" plan starts out saying we have an "inadequate" number of available JCO staff... so right there, it should be obvious that no matter how they intend to tweak The System, it ain't gonna work.  Right?

Since when did anyone really think that "improving parent involvement" will do anyone/anything any good?  From what I could ever tell, they don't seem to care about their kids -- in fact, they're probably GLAD to have them out of their homes!  Go ahead and show them videos of their misbehavior; SEE if it shocks them.   And oh yeah, let's see what kind of impact  "encouraging positive youth interactions with peers and staff through dorm activities and incentives with immediate rewards" works -- you betcha!!  Why does this sound like a damn BROKEN RECORD??  Haven't we tried BRIBING them enough already??  Where in this document is that unmentionable word, "DISCIPLINE"?  Heaven forbid.

On to specifics:  Point #1: "Reduce youth population".  I have a pithy way to put it:  "Shit or get off the pot."  Quit TALKING about it and DO IT.  If they've outgrown TJJD, thow 'em to the wolves and get it over with.

Point #2: "Redistribute staff resources, fill vacancies, yadda yadda yadda."  Reminds me of someone figuring if they cut off one end of the blanket and sew it to the other they'll stay warmer in the winter.  Again -- it ain't gonna happen.  Admin will NOT be able to pull effective JCO's out of a hat like so many rabbits, and giving folks the "opportunity to volunteer to work on Dorms 9-10 on the 2-10 shift" is, to put it kindly, NUCKING FUTZ.  What do they think the JCO's will be willing to do next... put their heads in nooses and jump off chairs?  Can't forget another important aspect of this point, the "need to encourage staff to come to work."  OH REALLY??  At this late date, only an idiot would "buy in" to that notion.  Why come to work when you never get off the days you request anyhow, and, if you're one of the elite Favored Few, can call in without fear of consequence?

Point #3:  "Improve the quality of JCO OJT training" ... Oh, pul-eeeeze.  Everyone knows the OJT book is outdated and meaningless in the face of the current dorm/campus culture, such as it is.  That's gonna help establish dorm consistancy?  Gimmie a BREAK.   But who knows... stranger things have happened.


I won't EVEN respond to the notion that Admin and JCO 6's will spend time... any SIGNIFICANT time that is, on the dorms.  That's ONE BIG PIECE of the answer to the problems facing GSS, one that NO ONE IN AUTHORITY seems to have the courage to deal with, eh?  Can anyone say "rubber spined chickens"?

Point #6: "Encourage Appropriate Youth Behavior".  Oh, boy.  All together now:  "Johnny, PLEASE don't blah blah blah blah because blah blah blah blah blah, or we'll blah blah blah blah blah and you WON'T get a cookie (or you-fill-in-the-blanks)!!"  Uh-huh.  Cool.  Check.  Roger that.  Encourage 'em.  Good idea.  NOTHING NEW THERE, but what the hell -- it sure sounds good and looks nice on paper.  GSS has NEVER kept its promises to the kids in regards to Dorm Of The Week/Month, "Leadership Teams", etc etc, you name it.  And the kids know it.  Big words... but they ring hollow.  Remember how they told us in Corsicana to give the kids 9 PRAISES to every PROBLEM we pointed out to them?  Sure thing.  Let's try that and see how it works:  "Johnny, I really like the way you just exhaled after inhaling.  GOOD JOB!"

And lastly, Point #7:  Open Lines Of Communication With Staff".  Here's where I could definately act a fool and  RANT AND RAVE and lose my cool, folks, since the LACK of this is one of the MAIN reasons I quit working at GSS.  I have no desire to embarrass myself -- or anyone else -- here, so will cut this short and say no more except -- to those of you who thought you were pulling the wool over my eyes, you are STOOPID.  Nuff said.  How's THAT for communication?