NOW you see it...

...and then you DON'T.

Expect to hear some gnashing of teeth and lots of blaming to happen when the Good Ship TJJD goes down.  It's not a matter of IF but WHEN it happens.

All the Admin weenies, Austin pukes, and legislative blowhards will be scurrying around, trying to fix things while the tired old hag is heading straight to the bottom, asking anyone who will listen "HOW could this have happened?"  Truth is, you get what you deserve, folks.  That means YOU.  You were told, you were asked, you were warned... and you refused to listen, to ask for ideas, to reach out to those "stakeholders" who really could have offered some help... me included.  When the time comes, all you'll be able to hear is a tortured cry...

So!  Now I just want to sit back and watch and wait and see what happens when the final act occurs... I want to see the desperation and fear in the eyes of those who allowed the culture on campus to disintergrate to the putrid mess it is and they lose their jobs.  I WANT TO SEE HEADS ROLL for wasting MY taxdollars on slip and slides, snow cones, and flat screen TV's.  Yeah, let me watch.  It'll be in the paper, for sure, just like the sex scandal was... and don't come crying to me that you never saw it coming.

Face it, will ya -- when FIVE people quit an organization in ONE day -- SOMETHING IS WRONG.  Oh, pardon me... I thought maybe I was addressing someone in authority who could implement positive changes in the Agency and who was reading this and actually gave a shit?  Sorry.  But if so, a reasonable approach would be to say "Gee!  Looks like we've got some sort of problem here!  Tell me more!  What do you suggest?" -- but no, THAT will never happen at GSS!!  WHAT was I thinking??!

So hold on tight, folks.  I think the end is coming, and it will happen sooner than anyone expects.  And I won't have a shred of pity for ANYONE who had a hand in letting things get to the point of no return like they are.  GSS DESERVES to fail because those in charge of keeping the ship afloat don't care, don't listen, don't learn.  They are scared, and afraid of the truth, and prefer ignorance to understanding -- so they keep playing "Let's Pretend Everything Is OK".  That's not what will get the kids from point A to point B.  When the ship goes down, it takes EVERYONE with it, and blame WILL be assessed eventually.  Enjoy your cruise while you can.