Well... I went and did it.

Don't know if it'll get published.. but it MAKES ME FEEL BETTER, dammit, that I DID SOMETHING.  Told her I'd gone to practically everyone and their brother to get someone to listen to what I've been trying to get across -- that GSS is FALLING APART, that both us JCO's and the kids are increasingly in danger, and that they are getting sent out of here in WORSE SHAPE than when they came in.  I asked if she knew of any one, or any way, or any thing I could do to get the situation looked into by someone who actually gave a shit and had the authority to make some changes.  Not quite in those words, of course, but you get my drift.  After all, she IS Dear Abby.

This wasn't an easy choice to make, trust me, but THE TIME HAS COME to take the problems we face to the next level and see if anything can be done to get some changes in The System.  And it's just the beginning -- so keep posted.  I've got NO FAITH that the upcoming transformation of TYC into the new Agency is gonna do any good -- do you?  If so, you've got to believe in Santa Claus, too.  There's just no ho-ho-hope for any of us unless and until some FRESH ideas get implimented, which includes taking an honest appraisal of what we JCO's know are the problems here.

The next step I'm contemplating is filling out some grievances against the current way of "doing business" as it exists on campus... seems like I read on the ACA board that if you fill out a grievance claiming there were dangerous/illegal/immoral/criminal situations going on that those grievances would be, actually HAVE TO BE handled by LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES.  May have to look at it again for the particulars, but that's what it looked like when I glanced over it last time.  And I'm here to suggest that there ARE a number of dangerous and illegal conditions happening on campus that are being covered up or at least minimalized as much as possible by the Powers That Be.  Maybe someone will pay attention if the grievance gets out of the the TYC System and into the Legal System?  Who knows?  Might be worth a try... and since this website is, in the words of the people who run GSS, "of no concern" to them, let them find out what they're in for when they get informed of what's happening the HARD WAY instead of simply admitting they DO read this blog and are seriously interested in working WITH US JCO's instead of burying their heads in the sand.  If the shoe fits, y'all, wear it... and if it gives you blisters it's yer own damn fault.