OK -- so I DID just screw up a little.  Took off the "Soapbox" link, since I ?? how to access it anymore... and had to go over the YellBox to get it working right again, which it DOES, even though it's a bit skinnier now.  No biggie.  What else....... ahhhhh...... accidently re-did the "About Me" on the OLD TYC site at the bottom of the blog, which you can link to from the index page here still.  Again -- just a cosmetic SNAFU, but one that yes, I AM aware of!  HA.

The main thing I wanted to point out here is that I wrote an email to Senator Whitmire yesterday.  He's the fellow in charge of the TJJD agency, and The Man In Charge, I think, as far as who's the biggest mover and shaker that might have some clout to start some positive changes.  Will see.  It will take a lot of courage.  I wonder if he has it -- LAST TIME  I wrote him, a couple years ago, (see my recent Guestbook entry) I got a standard lip service "thanks for your email" sort of response... let's hope he's more seriously inclined to actually look into what's going on and how it might adversely affect HIM.  Keep posted!

 Just to keep you advised of what's been going on with me since leaving TYC/TJJD -- my wife and I are still in the tattoo/piercing equipment supply business, going around the State selling our STUFF.  It's become a full time, I mean FULL TIME effort; we sell from our home, at flea markets, online on Ebay and Amazon... we advertise on craigslist, and have just started doing dropshipping.  Our new website for that is at PDQDropship.com and offers more than just tattoo and piercing things. Take a look!