An amazing occurance happened this past weekend.  Wife Irene and I were at the San Antonio Flea Mart, selling tattooing equipment, and who should walk up and ask "Do you remember me, Mr. Moss?"  Well, I just about crapped my britches!!  There was "R.M.", an ex-inmate who I had the pleasure of working with on Dorm 6.

RM had changed somewhat... his hair was longer and he'd put on a few pounds -- but sure enough, it was the same kid I used to know.  He, like many other of his Hispanic brothers, already had LOTS of tattoos, including some on his face, hands, and fingers... and was obviously unlikely to get a job even at McDonald's due to the way Society looks at people marked in such a manner.  Dunno if he got his GED or not, but I did recall he could draw like noboby's business.  When he was locked up I used to get along real well with him and would always encourage him to use his artistic talents to make a living, if he could, by tattooing when he got released.  He seemed flattered by my attention and was always eager to show me new examples of his artwork.  I can't recall him ever giving me any type of a hard time and he consistantly exhibited a positive attitude.  He seemed like someone who might actually "make it" when he got out, so I always took time to offer him kudos when I could.

It was a bit slow when he showed up with a couple of his compadres, so we had the opportunity to catch up on things for a little while and find out what we'd been up to lately.  I told him I'd quit GSS about a month ago.  He had spent some time in a halfway house and was free and clear... and the mutual affection and respect we had for each other was obvious as we talked.  Life was good.  TYC, we both agreed, had been a waste of time and effort.

And he now wanted a tattoo kit.  Well, shucks.  I sold him a "$50" tattoo kit but threw in some extra free needles... a free light... some extra ink... stencil paper, and I forget all what else.  No, I didn't make much on the transaction, monetarily, but I was happy to help him out as much as I could.  Truth is, we ened up selling as much tattoo equipment in two days as I normally brought home after working at the school for a full MONTH, so yeah, I could afford to be generous.  Maybe there'll be a happy ending  for both of us someday because of our reunion in "The Free"?   I sure hope so.  And I made sure that he called me "TIM".  Somehow, it just sounded right.


If even I can keep ONE kid from ending up like the jerk in video above, all the years of misery working at GSS will have been worth it.  One can only hope Society eventually turns out LESS white trash assholes like THIS kid and MORE like young "R.M." who may someday learn to earn a living doing tattoos the RIGHT way.