Time sure does fly.  Seems like a long, long time ago that I last stepped through the gatehouse.  I left when I did because it seemed like things had bottomed out and weren't likely to get any better... and I wasn't ready to take the chance that they MIGHT any time soon.  Guess I was just at the end of my rope and decided to let go.

It was a matter of deciding to gut it out and just put up with things as they were, or, to strike out and forge a new life.  It wasn't easy to give up on all the time, effort, sweat and blood I'd put into GSS.  But it HAD to be done because I finally realized...

... and I needed to get out, ASAP.

This new "90 Day Plan" I'm reading about in the YellBox is very intriguing... and one has to wonder if the weenies in Austn put the local Admin up to it, or, it was simply a matter of them realizng the campus, the youth, and the staff may not have 90 days LEFT as a viable institution unless some major changes were implimented.  Yes, one has to wonder.  Guess "better late than never" might be the best there is to hope for -- but had Admin been LISTENING to the floor JCO's 6 months ago or more -- this last minute kind of desperation may not have been necessary... and a lot of good staff may still be working there.  Who knows?

FOR SURE there's at least one thing I don't miss now that I'm not working at GSS ... and that's the culture of juvenile "hoodiness", for lack of a better word.  I just DON'T CARE to hearing the kind of talk these "T.Y.C. BOYZ" have to offer.  Dunno if they all spent time in TYC, but somehow I don't doubt it, do you?