I'll be honest.  I'm not exactly "playing hooky" today... I just don't feel up to getting geared up and going to work tonite -- so I called in.  What did I say?  "I think I'm starting to get a cold, and won't be coming in tonight".  That was about it.

Truth is, my throat is kinda scratchy.  Been sneezing.  Got somewhat of of a post-nasal drip snot stream going on... and I'm tired.  SICK AND TIRED.  Sick and tired of "not getting mine" when many of my co-workers (not to mention most of the 5's and pretty much all the JCO 6's) are "getting theirs"...  calling in, faking it, and getting away with it.  Screw 'em.  Screw the system.  I'm sick.  I'm staying home.  I deserve it.

So far this year, I've called in a total of 6 times for "sick" days -- more this year in the first 5 years I've worked here --COMBINED.  What does that tell ya?  I'm sick, sick, sick!!  Not just me, but EVERYONE seems to be sick more lately.  Now, I've got a 12 hours shift scheduled for tomorrow, and who knows ~~ will I call in or won't I?  If I do, that'd give me a nice little 5-day vacation; not a bad deal, huh?  Won't make any decision now, though... but come tomorrow if I'm not feeling perky enough to deal with it ~~ I'm callin' in again.  Why not?  What goes around comes around and I'm just feeling in the mood to let some other people feel my pain.  So there.  I'm sick, yeah, I know it.

USED TO BE people came to work all the time here because they had integrity, a sense of obligation to co-workers, pride in what they were doing, and a DAMN WORK ETHIC.  Those were the days!!  No longer is that true... morale is shot, it's "each man for themselves", and people have developed a sense of entitement:  "If other people are gonna do it, I'm gonna do it too."  So who am I to be any different??

Enough for now.  I got REAL work to take care of, like taking care of this cold I actually may be starting to get.  Need to get some work around the house and take care of some personal business.  Refamiliarize myself with  what my spouse looks and feels like.  Clean out the fridge -- especially those bottles of gin and tonic.  Oh, yeah, I've got things to do -- and now, the time to do them.  If you see me tomorrow, don't get to close -- I may actually be SICK and pass it on to YOU!!