Seems like a LONG TIME since I left State employment... but in reality it's been less than a month.  Irene and I are getting used to our new schedule(s) pretty well, and been working hard together to make ends meet.

The tattoo equipment selling business has just gotten better with time -- it's more common than not to make $1000 - $1800 a weekend selling kits and supplies over a weekend in Austin or San Antonio.  Sure beats sitting in a dark doorway listening to leetle felons snore and fart all night, among other things!!

We just got back from about a week at WA State to take care of some business and were greeted with 16" of snow and freezing temperatures -- and a 3 day power outage.  Sure makes us appreciate Texas, where y'all were enjoying temps in the 70's.  It still was good to get out for a change of scenery and see the Family Units, so all was well, overall.

Been keeping in contact with a still-active JCO friend who lives down the street, and he's been keeping me advised of the situations on campus -- don't see much of a change happening in the past few weeks, and don't really expect much of any, either.  Sigh.

Guess I best close here for the moment and "get to work", such as it is.  There's tattoo machines to tune and kits to be made up and ink to be poured... it's a dirty job, but you know, SOMEBODY has to do it!