Trying to be TRICKY, I managed to screw up the previous blog, and will have to start it again... so look for a new bunch of entries and the re-posting of some old ones.  THANKS for your patience!

What I did is embed a SHOCKWAVE video... and for ?? reason, this blog progam seems to have puked on it... but ohhh, well -- live and learn.  The new blog page is almost fitting, in a way, since the original website that this one spun off from will be deactivated today or tomorrow, as per my compliance with the wishes of The Higher Up's.  I can manage that, but think it's kind of juvenile on their part to ask me to do it when they also claim the old site's content was of "no concern" to them.  Be that as it may, the new blog will continue to have the same ranting and raving as usual, until things get settled on campus and we get our voices heard... even if that means the THU's have to admit there's TRUTH to what's being said here and changes need to be made.