Now that I'm self-employed, making do with what we have around the house is even more important than ever.  When the back wheels of my lawmower gave out, I had to come up with some replacements... so took the front wheels off Grandma's old wheelchair and slapped them on the mower.  Even though the rear wheels are no longer adjustable for height, the lawmower is back in operation and all is well. 

R.I.P. GRANDMA -- WE MISS YA.  It wasn't until she had passed on that we were able to go fulltime with our tattoo kits business, and for me to be able to quit at GSS.  Life DOES go on without being a State Employee.  Notice how I've sort of "cleaned up my act" now that I am constantly dealing with potential customers... Irene braided my beard so I don't look quite so much like a bum... ha ha.  Don't let appearances fool ya!!