Take a look here:


This link details what the legally CORRECT relationships between youth and staff are SUPPOSED to be, and for anyone who has had to work in an unsafe environment, seen supervisors bribe the kids with food, etc (which is ALL OF US) it makes pretty interesting reading.  A good link to have on hand if and when real investigators start examining what the problems on campus are, and why, and who's responsible.  D'oh.

I pretty much do daily GOOGLE searches for topics like "TYC + stabbing" and such over the past months and weeks... have heard the Flatonia and Victoria newspapers here in Texas also ran stories about that recent assault, but so far haven't been able to unearth the articles themselves --  though efforts continue.  Will have to see if my letter to the Lexington Leader was published this week, and if not, will try to pare it down to the necessary 250 words and hope they have the courage (?!) to publish it.  We'll see!

One of my very favorite links for the latest  no-bull information on what's going on at TYC/TJJD is the GRITS FOR BREAKFAST blog.  GREAT STUFF, and well worth adding to your favorites.  Visit here:


I've got some other down-and-dirty links found on public websites, like how much the folks up on The Hill make a year, but would rather not have you cry all over your keyboard.  Let's just say there's more than ONE way to define OBSCENE.  I'D sure like to make $91,512 annually to speak with a forked tongue to the newspaper about the staff to student ratio!

Do a little digging and you can find lots of court cases TYC has been involved in dealing with sexual/racial discrimination, improper firings, demotions, stuff like that... you'll be surprised what turns up.