Halloween has come and gone... and the youth proved themselves to be MONSTERS!!

Half of dorm 8 enjoyed a pizza party on dorm 1 for participating in the Red Ribbon program that most, but not all of the A-Side youth attented -- where EIGHT giant pizzas (from Reba's downtown) and gallons of Hawaiian Punch were provided.   Question:  WHO authorizes and pays for all that??  Musta cost close to $150 total.  Guess I shouldn't bitch; I DID get one piece.  Some of the kids got 3-4.  The case worker actually APOLOGIZED for not having CANDY for them -- and I almost puked on my punch.  These are murderers, rapers, and kilo-level dopers and such, NOT 8 year olds... but sorry kids, we don't have any CANDY for you??  How crazy is THAT??

Back on the dorm, some of the kids actually asked me to open the kitchen so they could nuke the extra pizza slices they smuggled back from dorm 1.  Ahhhh... no... no can do.  Sheeesh.  These are kids who'd probably ask you to reload their pistols for them after shooting you 6 times, you know?

So the rest of the day continued... they were loud, cursed constantly, had their hands all over each other (guess deep down they're the sensitive, emotional types), out of dress code -- you name it.  It seemed obvious they weren't much interested in doing anything other than what they wanted, and, despite continual checks, did just that.  No surprise when they brought HUGE pieces of thickly frosted cake back from the chow hall and shared it, or were sharing leftover snacks in the back area, or were late getting to bed and kept up a stream of chatter about making Ouija boards etc etc. 

I checked them, I checked them, and I checked them to be quiet, stay in bed, stay in the RIGHT bed and so on.  Didn't seem to have much effect... but after one kid whacked a peer with a pillow I told him to get his shoes on as I was gonna refer him.  Well... JUST GUESS what happened?

A general melee ensued; maybe 3 kids didn't actively participate in assaulting their peers.  Security arrived.  4 kids were referred -- 3 had to be chased, knocked down, and dragged out.  All sorts of JCO 6's appeared AS IF BY MAGIC from WHERE EVER they had been hanging out -- and I let them all know, for the record, that my suggestion was to take away their damn pillows for a month if they got into pillow fights... but I'm sure my suggestion fell on deaf ears.  

I DIDN'T suggest that instead of having 4-5 men struggling to contain a kid that they shoulda just SPRAYED him and cut to the chase and let them ALL know who's in charge around here.  Sure would be preferable to having staff get injured, eh?  No?  Well, we'll have to ask their forgiveness then for being so rough and maybe make it  up to them with some candy next time.  Maybe just pull some off our asses... sigh.

Bottom line is that I think 3 of my co-workers tried to pass off the evenings horrorshow by saying "Oh, well, it WAS Halloween, after all..." but I ain't buyin' it.  It could have be ARBOR DAY just as well -- they do what they want no matter what day it is, holiday or not.

My suggestions?  Take away the pillows.  No more pizza parties.  Don't EVEN implement this whack new "Dorm Temperature" scheme where they will get pizza and candy for "good" behavior.  It's simply another damn BRIBE, and the kids know it.  The time for, and effectiveness of bribes needs to be done with.  We need to be giving the kids MORE tricks and LESS treats if we want to see improved behavior!!