...or WHAT?  Basicly, if no one's in charge, things just sort of flop around, headless, without purpose or reason.  Remind you of any State School you work at?

Leadership isn't something that can be faked real well, unless your bark is seen as worse than your bite.  Empty threats and promises soon fail to impress anyone, but some will try to get away with fuss and bluster as long as they can.  Overall, it's a losing proposition, and makes a "leader" look like a toothless tiger.  Who would follow then?

When the going gets rough, a leader has to swallow hard and do the job they're expected (and paid) to do.  Things are tough at the GSS now... but is there leadership anyone can count on?  I think NOT.

After reading the above, two words come to my mind:  IF ONLY.  The JCO 5's and 6's aren't gonna "rescue" local admin or the folks in Austin... and neither are the JCO 4's on down -- no, it's not real likely, is it?  It's not in their job description.  A leader, though, needs to understand what CAN and CANNOT BE DONE and make the difficult choices necessary to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.  These choices need to be based on what is possible, not just what would be possible in La-La Land.  The new 90 Day "Plan" cooked up by ??? IS NOT GOING TO WORK if for no other reason that NOTHING WILL WORK unless the whole system is re-evaluated for how things REALLY ARE -- not simply what the Higher Up's wish they would (and/or used to) be.  This implies admitting failure, and moving on; a concept we expect the damn KIDS to get!


There's an old Latin phrase, "Mea culpa", which basicly means "It's my fault". SOMEONE needs to accept at least some blame for the way things have evolved at least at GSS -- then to accept, and move on... and do the hard work of re-building a CORRECTIONAL FACILITY instead of the 24 Day Care Camp it is presently.  Someone needs to do this even if it WASN'T necessarily their fault because otherwise the mindset would logically have to be that "EVERYTHING IS ALLRIGHT" on campus?  Huh??  Who REALLY thinks THAT is the case??

If the leaders, movers, shakers, and directors of TJJD expect to deserve anything more than a one-finger salute, they're gonna have to get together and decide who deserves to get the axe, and get rid of them --  if that's the way it has to be.  If not, they ALL should accept some culpability and then dedicate themselves to re-earning staff trust and respect.  As things stand, they have neither... and The System -- and everyone in it -- if suffering.