USED to be, the kids on the dorm would beg and plead that I make them copies of sheets of paper with gang-style fonts (lettering) on them... and I NEVER ONCE DID.  I thought it was inappropriate, against TYC policy, a waste of taxpayers money, and just plain WRONG -- and told them so, in those words.

NOWDAYS, though... I SELL these (public domain) font sets to young fellows at flea markets and online on our websites ... mostly to kids about the same age, for $1 a sheet, and I got LOADS of 'em.  Some are "gangy" looking fonts much like you'd see on subways or railroad cars or WHERE EVER.   Some of it is "old school"... they can pick whatever they want.  To me, now, it's "just business".  And business is GOOD.

It feels good to be able to sell these lettering sets.  It's legal.  The people who buy them WANT them and I want to SELL them at a profit.  While I was working at the school, I knew the rules... now that I no longer work there, I can MAKE some rules and it certainly feels better on this end of things now.

I oftentimes would tell the kids that if they kept clean and sober and out of trouble with The Law for just SIX MONTHS after they got out of TYC that I'd GIVE THEM a FREE TATTOO KIT if they were over 18, and perhaps give them an opportunity to make a little money until they got on their feet.  No one ever took me up on the offer.  Too bad for them.  They sure worked for hours practicing re-drawing all the crappy font set pages they DID manage to get from Staff who lacked the integrity I did.  Now that I'm self employed, my integrity has a lot to do with getting my bills paid... so selling them a font sheet for a buck (that costs me only a few cents to make) creates NO compunction on my part.  Come and get it, suckers... step right up... enjoy the show!