Good news!  The year is almost over, and what a year it's been.  Christmas is tomorrow, and the New Year will soon be upon us as well... and to my fellow JCO's I  wish y'all a better year coming up than what THIS one was.

My wish list?  Well... I haven't been TOTALLY nice this year so I probably won't get (nor deserve) EVERYTHING I'd want.  But that's OK.  What might Santa dock me for, you ask?  Let's see...... I've called in 6 times these past 12 months, been put "under investigation" at least a few times, though no one ever told me WHAT FOR, or, if/when I was cleared of whatever it was they were "investigating" me for... was put on probation for 3 months for being... ummm... kinda snotty, maybe, in the eyes of the campus Admin (or some official Power Player; it was never made clear) for posting a TYC link on a website they didn't bother to really look over  but didn't like... and ahhh... what else?  Not kissing up to The System in general, AND, starting this website and the one before it with the name of the Agency and campus location in the URL.  Guess the Powers That Be thought it made them (heaven forbid!) "look bad" for telling what I thought, telling the TRUTH, and exposing some of the problems we have been trying to deal with.  For shame!  Maybe I've done or said some other things to piss off the Admin or co-workers or even the youth on campus, and if I have, I want to offer a sincere apology.  Sorry about that -- I was just trying to do my job the best I knew how.

Soooo... having said all that... what does the New Year bring?  FOR SURE, I WILL NOT BE WORKING HERE much longer.  As it is, I'm looking forward to giving a two week notice within a week or so.  To be honest, I don't think -- due to the way I've been treated here myself -- that the agency DESERVES that much consideration, but hey... this State employment gig is all "at will", yes?  I may decide to stay on a little longer; I may not.  They may decide to fire me tomorrow; they may not.  We'll see.  I DO want to be able to leave with my head held up, knowing that what I did, at least TO ME, was "the right thing".   Doubt if I'll be missed much, really, but the website will carry on -- count on it.