Sure, it's important to find out what the youth feel, think, and want... and if they are having any special problems.  So the Survey they participated in early this year was a GOOD THING... sort of.  If you look on the ShoutBox, you'll see the results of it if you click on the link posted there.  Check it out.  It's worth a look

But there's another side to the coin, of course.  How about EMPLOYEE JOB SATISFACTION?  Surely the JCO's deserve to be given a survey to help the Powers That Be learn what they feel, think, and want, too -- don't they?  Or does Admin not care?  Worse yet, are they AFRAID TO FIND OUT?

I have to think it's the latter.  I may be wrong.  But all the time I worked at GSS, no one above my pay grade seemed to care much for what -I- thought.  Ya know what I mean?  Isn't it about time that Admin ASK??  What's the worst that could happen -- that they'd have to face the facts?  That can be pretty scary sometimes.

Now, it's easy to kick back with your head in the sand and see everything looking to be allright... but those who have to actually DO THE JOB of dealing with the youth on a daily basis on the dorms know things are NOT allright, no matter WHAT Admin would prefer to believe.

So take the test... it's just 10 questions... then make your feelings known.  Pass this on to your co-workers, drop it in the suggestion box, do WHATEVER IT TAKES to be heard on it -- and see what Admin does, or doesn't do.  If they ignore it, well, that speaks for itself.  If they pay attention to the handwriting on the wall, maybe situations can improve.  MAYBE.  Doesn't hurt to try, eh?

The alternative is to continue to bitch and whine and... do nothing.  Trust me, if you don't like the way things are going on campus -- YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

If I've said it once on this blog, I've said it a half a dozen times:  It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!!  Take it from me -- there ARE other places to work, other things you can do, and the means retain your dignity and lifestyle besides working where you're not appreciated, understood, or supported.  If you're unhappy at GSS it's time to fish or cut bait, folks, to sink or swim, poop or get off the pot or however you want to put it -- it's time for a CHANGE.