It's looking like it MIGHT be the Beginning of the End for TJJD as we know it.  MAYBE.  Time will tell.

There's some rumblings going on... people are speaking up... the truth is coming out, and the reality of the situation is NOT looking good.  What IS good is that whatever the end result may be, it almost HAS to be better for the kids AND those who currently work at GSS.  HOW could things be WORSE?

Well... I know... they COULD be worse, but think about it -- is a half a loaf better than none, or not?  Our ultimate goal as adults/surrogate parents should be to help these incarcerated youth learn new skills that will keep them away from prison... and to teach them pro-social manners instead of whatever it was that got them locked up in the first place.  This is NOT being accomplished very well at GSS, and Society is NOT getting its money worth.

Employees are tired.  They are being taken advantage of by a System that devalues their sacrifice and dedication.  The youth are not being rehabilitated, resocialized, or re-anythinged worth the effort and expense it's costing us.  Why are we all spinning our wheels?  Is there no better way to do things?

Of course there is a better way.  And the only way to FIND that better way is for people to speak up... with all the passion and conviction necessary to make changes happen, from top to bottom.  This means leaving no rocks unturned, calling a spade a spade, and cutting through the red tape to take measure of what needs to be done -- not just what looks good on paper or lines the pockets of those in Austin and elsewhere.  It will require lots of input from lots of disparate people, even those who may be considered a bit off their rocker -- after all -- you never know if something will work unless you TRY.

One good place to meet and exchange ideas on the future of TJJD in general and GSS in particular is on the website blog GRITS FOR BREAKFAST.   I check it durn near EVERY DAY... just do a search on the site for "TJJD" and see what comes up!  You'll find scads of up-to-the-minute postings and comments related to TJJD issues, written by (for the most part) intelligent, concerned, INVOLVED people who really CARE about what's going on at the State schools.  I know our legislators read it, and suspect many other State corrections officials do as well. 

No matter if you agree or not with what's written there, I suggest you look it over, get on the wagon, and add your own two cents... -I- sure do!!  If you don't -- who's to blame when you get a pink slip and get mugged on the way home?

Check out the video below... maybe California has the right idea, ya think??