Hang on and hang in there for a while yet, folks... there'll be more to come.

Problem is, things probably WON'T be getting any better on campus until:
1.  Some staff or youth "goes postal".
2.  Someone gets killed.
3.  Someone listens.

Not a cheery outlook today, but hey... it seems like the Austin American Statesman isn't gonna publish the letter to the editor I wrote to them, at least not yet.  Maybe after the shit hits the fan they will.  Who knows.  Who cares.

In the meantime, we'll continue to be pulling the overtime hours, be victimized by the youth, helplessly watch them victimize each other, waste taxpayer money, put up with the lies and bullshit being fed to us by the Powers That Be, and allow the youth to get out of Giddings in worse shape when the arrived -- then watch them vicitimze yet more innocent people and be re-incarcerated since we didn't/couldn't provide the rehabilitation/what EVER they needed.

Ohhh, well!!  Not MY fault!!

But EVENTUALLY the truth WILL come out, I'm firmly convinced.  Yes, and instead of just having to make a few tweaks and nips and tucks here and there, the citizens of Texas will realize TYC/TJJD has been in FAILURE MODE for a LONG DAMN TIME and it's AGAIN gonna take a TOTAL RE-ORGANIZATION of the whole agency, from top to bottom, to FIX THE PROBLEMS.  Now I'm not suggesting it will be be any time real soon... just that the time will come.  And when it does, be ready to watch the responsible parties scurrying around trying to cover their collective asses.  HA!!  Sure, it'll be too little, too late... but it'll still be fun to see how they are going to try and convince taxpayers and parents they just had nooo idea all those problems existed right beneath their noses.  Just wait.  Mark my words.

So goes the war.  We may have lost the battle, but it's not over -- not yet.  I feel that EVENTUALLY TJJD will become a respectable and respected agency where parents and politicians and JCO's will learn to work together for the benefit of the "troubled" youth we are trusted to help.