We all know what the missing component is on campus... it's a lack of order.  A little DISCIPLINE might be in order to get situations back on track.  Discipline comes in all sorts of degrees and levels of commitment; SOMETHING needs to be tried, eh?   Remember Victory Field?  According to the folks at PART-TIME-COMMANDER.COM, here's the breakdown of what constitutes Military Discipline:

    Respect the rank of others
  • Follow orders
  • Place the good of the unit above the needs of your own
  • Always give 100%
  • Do what you say you will do
  • Take PRIDE in everything you do
  • Be accountable for your actions and your follower’s actions
  • Obey orders, policies and regulations
  • Maintain your physical fitness
  • Maintain your tactical and technical proficiency
  • Do the RIGHT thing

    • Sounds pretty damn DEMANDING, dunnit?  Is ANYONE, youth OR staff, expected to adhere to anything even remotely CLOSE to those kinds of standards at GSS?

      As an old fart old timer ex-employee, I remember "back in the day" when the kids marched.  They came to parade rest each and every time staff entered the room.  They were held to physical and behaviorial STANDARDS -- they expected it, as did the JCO's who worked with them.  Things have changed.  Take a look at the video above... it shows at least in a few scenes that THEY (the people in charge) know what they are doing.  A lot of the recruits look a LOT like the kids you see at the school, and it makes me wonder -- if THESE kids can make the cut -- why can't, why DON'T GSS youth get too, or at least a WHIFF of Life's Lessons? 

      No, the youth we serve are NOT "recruits".  But they ARE CONVICTS in my eyes, at least.  So let's give them some MORE CONVICTION... this time, to show some more pro-social values.  In the long run, it'll save time and money if staff do the CORRECTIONS (and not CoNextions) part of their job and the kids know what the rules... and consequences... are.  Yep.  NO EXCUSES not to know.  The JCO 6's should make sure of that and the other staff need to enforce the expectations.

      What are we doing, acting like surrogate parents, and never chewing out a kid for doing some bonehead stoopid thing once in a while??!  Spare the rod or spare the bucks -- it STILL PAYS to raise kids with DISCIPLINE in the long run, even if it means "tough love" or "225's"... if you get my drift?

      When the kids "get it" that there are definate limits to both their behavior -- and the JCOs' -- they will know they are safe IF they do as told.  If not, maybe the worse that will happen is they might get yelled at.  Ooooh!!  AWFUL, right?  Uh-huh, I thought you'd agree.  Maybe they'd lose watching TV, or miss out on snack shack.  Or gym.  Or get locked up by themselves for a week or a month -- whatever it takes to ENSURE they knew who was in charge, and it WASN'T THEM.