It was actually kinda anti-climatic. Went to HR and told them "today is the day", filled out the paperwork, handed in my badge and parking permit, and walked out. That was it. I thought for maybe 4... 5... maybe 6 BILLIONTHS of a second as to maybe stopping by the dorm... then thought nahh -- what good would it do? The kids never listened to me anyhow, and the day staff could most likely care less -- so I trotted on out the gate and closed the final chapter of my 6.5 years as a JCO. An amicable parting, at least.

Then the HARD WORK started. Being self employed has it's pitfalls and rewards, but one nice thing is you can choose how long and hard you want to work if you're willing to take the chances on the outcome. My wife and I worked HARD this past weekend, and made about as much in two days as my monthly take home pay would have been from the school. Now... we have to figure in some taxes, mileage, etc -- but at the end of the day we felt GOOD about what we'd accomplished. This is, of course, a feeling I must say I NEVER got from working as a JCO. We're now planning out what work we want to do for the rest of the month, and hopefully will continue to succeed as well with our business. We have faith we can -- and are commited to doing what it takes to make things happen. We'll see how it goes. Sure is a nice feeling to go to bed at night knowing I'm working to make an HONEST LIVING, and not having to suck up to people I don't respect (kids AND staff) and whose company irritates me to no end! Can you say RELIEF?

Tomorrow I'll call ERS and check about getting ahold of the "retirement" funds I contributed over my years at TYC, will be getting our new insurance policies figured out, and spend some time doing odd jobs around the house.that need attention. It's not like I've "retired"; no, it's more of a "retrenchment" perhaps -- but NOT another RUT, not if I can help it. I had soooo many people at GSS tell me "I'd quit here, too, if I only could..." and sure, that might be applicable for some folks. The majority, I think, prefer the "velvet lined rut" of State employment to the uncertainties of taking charge of their lives and just GOING FOR IT. It's easy to bitch and moan, though, isn't it?