I'm hearing of some new winds a'blowin' on the GSS campus.  A good many of The Old Guard has finally been given their pocketwatches and golden parachutes, let go, fired, or retired.  All I can say about that is "It's about time."  WAY too many are not still employed due to injuries, both physical and psychological... and to that I say "What a shame; what a pity."  But to everything there is a season, and the time has come for changes on campus.  FINALLY.

What instigated all these changes?  Did Austin bigwigs finally "wake up" to the fact that veteran staff were leaving in droves, getting injured in greater numbers, and not showing up for work?  I wonder.  Maybe it had something to do with this little website being a thorn in someone's side, eh?  Who knows... the IMPORTANT THING is that things got shook up, somehow, and it's time to move forward.  In fact, it's time to ROCK!!

Oh yeah!!

I hope that even more changes will be happening... like the elimination of the Connextions program... maybe a time clock being put in the gatehouse... employee raises... stuff like that.

It's time, for sure, to bring GSS back to The Real World and make it a place where people are PROUD to work because they are allowed to do the job they're being expected to do.  NO ONE wants to see a single kid get out of GSS and have to be locked up again, right?

So hang in there, y'all!  You might have to squint your eyes a bit to see it, but give things some time.  Be positive as you can.  Support each other when and how you can.  Maybe, just maybe it's out there...

Let's hope.