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REUNION (Of Sorts)

Posted by Tim on Thursday, November 15, 2012,

So I'm standing there at Cole's Flea Market in Houston, and a couple young Hispanic dudes and their girls walk up to the table to see what we're selling... and one of the guys says "Say, didn't you used to work at the Giddings State School?"

Well!  If it wasn't old whatshisname and whatshisface!  How nice it was to see them, both out "in the free".  One had grown his hair pretty long in the 3 years they had been out; one had a little goatee action going on.  We had heartfelt embraces, actually...

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Posted by webmaster on Monday, November 5, 2012,

Why is it the folks still working at GSS seem like zombies to me?  They damn well KNOW the Agency stands a chance of being dissolved and their lives as JCO's may take a headshot at any time.  They shuffle around after doing 12 hour shifts, half aware of their surroundings, totally dead on their feet.  It's so sad to think that only a few years ago, GSS was still a pit, but a more MANAGEABLE pit... and now, everyone knows the score --

The kids won.  They run the show.  Without 225's and logical...

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WebMaster I worked at GSS to help incarcerated youth for over 6 years, and saw a lot of changes... but not many of them GOOD. My mission on this website is to help promote positive changes so the time and effort by current JCO's at the Giddings State School -- and taxpayer money -- are not wasted. We ALL need to do what we can, and this is MY way of doing my part... the kids, and the State of Texas deserve no less!
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