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Posted by Curtis Moss on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, In : PERSONAL NOTES 

One has to wonder... what is best for the individual, the victim (if alive, and/or victim's family), and Society in general when a youth decides to break the law in a BIG WAY.  I'll define that as a kid who without remorse will shoot/stab/rape/kill a person/people as many times as they can get away with it, along with multiple previous accounts of robbery, theft, major gang racketeering of various sorts, etc.

Well... the law has come down on the side of the perp.  If you're under 18, you're no...

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Posted by Curtis Moss on Wednesday, June 6, 2012, In : POST-EMPLOYMENT 

Not much left for me to do here anymore, I'm beginning to think... and not too sure where to go.
It's been 5 months now since I walked down the sidewalk at Giddings State School and out the gate  --  never to return.  I'd had enough.  I QUIT, and had no desire to set foot on campus again.  I DID however, still have a burning rage within me, fueled by the inexcusable  ways I'd been treated over the past 6 1/2 years there... the way The System had let down the youth and taxpayers... the rott...

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WebMaster I worked at GSS to help incarcerated youth for over 6 years, and saw a lot of changes... but not many of them GOOD. My mission on this website is to help promote positive changes so the time and effort by current JCO's at the Giddings State School -- and taxpayer money -- are not wasted. We ALL need to do what we can, and this is MY way of doing my part... the kids, and the State of Texas deserve no less!
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