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Posted by Tim Moss on Tuesday, April 24, 2012, In : LINKS 'N SUCH 
We all know what the missing component is on campus... it's a lack of order.  A little DISCIPLINE might be in order to get situations back on track.  Discipline comes in all sorts of degrees and levels of commitment; SOMETHING needs to be tried, eh?   Remember Victory Field?  According to the folks at PART-TIME-COMMANDER.COM, here's the breakdown of what constitutes Military Discipline:

    Respect the rank of others
  • Follow orders
  • Place the good of the unit above the needs of your own
  • A...

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Posted by Curtis Moss on Tuesday, April 17, 2012, In : POST-EMPLOYMENT 

Now that I'm self-employed, making do with what we have around the house is even more important than ever.  When the back wheels of my lawmower gave out, I had to come up with some replacements... so took the front wheels off Grandma's old wheelchair and slapped them on the mower.  Even though the rear wheels are no longer adjustable for height, the lawmower is back in operation and all is well. 

R.I.P. GRANDMA -- WE MISS YA.  It wasn't until she had passed on that we were able to go fulltime...

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Posted by Tim Moss on Sunday, April 15, 2012, In : WHO'S STOOPID? 

May be what you ASKED FOR, but all you got was

Put that data through a GSS computer (or, an employee's mind) and you could end up with

Which leads to



I SAY it's time to get GSS geared up to the Real World...not only in regards to their computers but also with the way information is dealt with between staff/staff, facilty to the media, line workers to supervisors and everyone to the youth.

Left unchecked, the antique computer system on campus will eventually go

and when it does, t...

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Posted by Tim Moss on Wednesday, April 11, 2012,

Say a kid is scheduled to get released at noon in the middle of the month.  That morning, in the med line, chances are he may be given a number of psychoactively mind-and-mood altering medications... Ritalin, Seroquel, etc etc.  He'll be watched closely by a staff, made to show the pill(s) on the tongue, swallow them, get another drink of water, gargle, do a finger wave, and cough before he can proceed to breakfast... right?

He goes back to the dorm, maybe zonks out for a few hours, then leave...

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TROUBLE? What trouble?

Posted by Tim Moss on Tuesday, April 3, 2012, In : WHO'S STOOPID? 

I have to admit: being labeled a TYC "troublemaker" by an ex-co-worker on another website gave me a real WARM feeling.  Sure, I understand -- well, I THINK I understand -- what the person meant, but let's take a closer look at what that (perhaps) disdainful moniker may imply.

First off -- let's define what a "troublemaker" actually is, namely,
 "A person who habitually causes difficulty or problems, esp. by inciting others to defy those in authority."

OK, I'll accept that... pretty much.  For t...

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WebMaster I worked at GSS to help incarcerated youth for over 6 years, and saw a lot of changes... but not many of them GOOD. My mission on this website is to help promote positive changes so the time and effort by current JCO's at the Giddings State School -- and taxpayer money -- are not wasted. We ALL need to do what we can, and this is MY way of doing my part... the kids, and the State of Texas deserve no less!
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