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Posted by WebMaster on Thursday, October 27, 2011, In : UTTER BULLSHIT 

Don't take MY word for it... take it from the TOP.   Here's the link:

In this article, the Head Man on campus tells the Lexington Leader (in response to the recent stabbing incident last month) that we've had a 12:1 staff/student ratio at the school... FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS???!  NO WAY!!!

So far, I've done what I could by writing the legislators and TYC director in Austin... tr...

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Posted by WebMaster on Thursday, October 27, 2011, In : SNAFUS 


Trying to be TRICKY, I managed to screw up the previous blog, and will have to start it again... so look for a new bunch of entries and the re-posting of some old ones.  THANKS for your patience!

What I did is embed a SHOCKWAVE video... and for ?? reason, this blog progam seems to have puked on it... but ohhh, well -- live and learn.  The new blog page is almost fitting, in a way, since the original website that this one spun off from will be deactivated today or tomorrow, as per my co...

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WebMaster I worked at GSS to help incarcerated youth for over 6 years, and saw a lot of changes... but not many of them GOOD. My mission on this website is to help promote positive changes so the time and effort by current JCO's at the Giddings State School -- and taxpayer money -- are not wasted. We ALL need to do what we can, and this is MY way of doing my part... the kids, and the State of Texas deserve no less!
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