May be what you ASKED FOR, but all you got was

Put that data through a GSS computer (or, an employee's mind) and you could end up with

Which leads to



I SAY it's time to get GSS geared up to the Real World...not only in regards to their computers but also with the way information is dealt with between staff/staff, facilty to the media, line workers to supervisors and everyone to the youth.

Left unchecked, the antique computer system on campus will eventually go

and when it does, things will be ever much so even WORSE that they are now.  Best to update by choice than due to necessity after everything melts down.  Here to tell ya.

EVERY year for over 6 years the Gateway program vomited EACH AND EVERY TIME on the first of a new year and each time the daylight savings time changed.  HOW MANY emails and telephome calls did I make, asking the State IT department to get that fixed (and save the State a lot of time and effort and money not having to use paper schedules)?  Yeah, I forget, too.  How many times this month have you seen an up to date  campus-wide "daily" bulletin on the dorm?  They might be hiding them behind the KUDOS cards ... of which I never filled one out on anyone or had anyone fill out on me, either.  I also never filled out a grievance.  And I NEVER could figure out why only about 3% of my co-workers had ANY sense of computer literacy... you know?  Why is a (been there 20+ years) JCO 5 or 6 asking ME how to log on to Gateway and find things out?  And why are SOME JCO 5's just sitting in the office their whole shift, going over the latest football scores and Google Searching for pictures of

HUH?? WHY??!  I'll tell you why -- because they COULD, and nobody gave enough of a rat's ass to curb their behavior or smarten them up, that's why.

Oh well.  One of these days GSS will wake up to the Real World of how to run a business in this "new" Electronic Age, and realize you need to use computers and HIRE PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO USE THEM APPROPRIATELY.  When that happens, look for better results with the kid's behavior, happier employees, saved money -- and more.  Until then, the Powers That Be on campus are just spinning their gears.