Some people may look at this site and see me as simply a grouchy old JCO with a bone to pick when it comes to Admin, Austin, and TYC in general.  This is NOT TRUE ... for the most part.  I'll qualify that by saying this:

The culture of TYC is NOT healthy.  If you think racism, sexism, cronyism, nepotism, corruption and outright fraud are GOOD things, then guess I'm wrong about the above assumption.  But most people feel they deserve to be served by and/or work for a State Agency that values truth, honor, justice, and upright dealings, right?  This is NOT the culture of TYC... and it's not just my opinion.  Ask any JCO to rate those issues on a scale of 1-10; then decide for yourself.

The main reason I keep hammering away at the rotten foundation of TYC is that what happened before can happen again.  You can pick up any newspaper on almost any day and read an article akin the the one that broke in 2007 when the TYC scandal beame public knowledge... and that's just SICK.  Individuals, organizations, and agencies will hide and protect guilty predators, thieves, you-name-it for years and years, as long as they can, until eventually the ugly truth comes out.  And by then, the damage is done.  Anyone caught up in the web of lies ends up hurt, some in jail, some maybe even will commit suicide.  Is this what we want for the agency we work for?

What happened before can happen again... and what has happened before CONTINUES to happen.  Does any one really DOUBT there's STILL kids being sexually taken advantage of on campus?  Of course not, you say... we took care of that problem!!  Think again.  Open your eyes.  It's not just the sex angle problems -- does any one really doubt some other staff will eventually be stabbed or assaulted due to a lack of proper staff coverage?  Not if they've been here a while; we old timers know it's just a matter of time before it happens again.

Sending the kids out into The Free with less ability to survive in the Real World than when they arrived here is the order of the day as of late -- and that's something NEW that needs to CHANGE, ASAP.  Our communities deserve better, us taxpayers deserve better, and the kids do too.  What happened to drag things down to the level they are now?  Simple question answer: Can you say ConNextions??  Again, time for a change.  Time to quit having the case managers buy a d hand out CANDY and PIZZA to these criminal felons instead of actually having "Group" where the kids discuss their crimes and ways to learn from their mistakes.  Time to QUIT taking the lazy and easy way out by letting them play kickball and calling it "team building" or some such thing.  Yes, it's time to cut through the crap and DO OUR JOBS, people!

JCO's can't do it alone.  We need support from everyone above.  If you're ready for change, let me know.  Together we WILL be heard, even if it means going to Austin en masse with a list of complaints, demands, accusations and revelations.