Most likely
will be deactivating the old original TYC rant website within a week, as much as I would really rather keep up with it.  The times are not only changing, the time is running out on keeping up The Big Lie that Admin seems unable to admit to.  Be sure to bookmark this site in your Favorites, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND CO-WORKERS about it, eh?

My PATIENCE is runnng out, to  be honest, and that can't be a good thing for The Powers That Be.  But they've not paid much worthwhile attention to our concerns, have they?  Is it getting time to throw the cat out of the bag again and see where it goes?  Do they not CARE?  Has NO ONE in Austin or any Giddings admin seen this site -- or, the original one -- and noticed SOMETHING IS MESSED UP?  Methinks they're all just holding out as long as possible, hoping to forestall the eventual day when some kind of SCANDAL breaks.  Again.  As it SURELY will.  Just wait till the next staff gets hospitalized... or another dorm goes bezerk and knocks out all the light fixures and cameras or who-knows-what.

I'll give 'em a week, anyhow, to come up with something -- ANYTHING -- to convince me that the Higher Up's are hip to the concept of getting the ratios to a legal and safer standard... start holding the 6's to ANY standard -- hopefully one that includes WORKING for a change... that they will vigorously address the issues of staff coming in late/calling in all the time, all these damn 12's we're being made to work, etc etc etc.  We all know what we want to see acknowledged and acted upon, right?  I'm TIRED of being thrown bones -- gimmie some MEAT for a change!

If there seems to be no credible changes real soon, well, I'm ready to be an Agent Of Change myself.  That'll mean writing more nastygrams to the legislators, agency bigwigs, various Texas newspapers/TV stations, and standing on the corner by the light at James Turman with a BIG sign that's gonna read simply "ASK ME ABOUT TYC".  And if anyone asks -- I'll share a few nuggets of knowledge and see what they think.  Can I start a petition, or is that against the "best interests" of the Agency?  I'll find out.  I'll also try -- TRY -- not to be critical of NAMED individuals here who may have dirty little secrets and definately WOULD be in hot water if I should "name names".  That's not my style... so far.  We all have our little skeletons in the closet.  Smile.

All I want is to be treated with respect by the organization and the individuals in the organization, which I will gladly return.  It's gotta be pretty obvious I have little to no respect for the Agency... but if the shoe fits...

THINKING POINT:  Talking with a staff who's been here over 20 years, I asked if there's EVER been a WHITE JCO 6?  The answer?  NO.  Hmmmm.  So if you're a JCO 5 the "career ladder" just ends THERE, huh?  Wonder why that is?  Have no white folks ever wanted to be a 6?  Not qualified?  Not educated enough?  Not competent enough?  Never applied for the position??  I hardly think so... but from seeing the JCO 6's we DO have it occurs to me the facility wouldn't be doing any WORSE with a white person in that particular supervisory position.  Does this seem even just a LITTLE BIT strange to anyone else but me?  Is there reason to try to find out the underlying reason(s) WHY and HOW this could be?  Gee.  Seems pretty typical of the way things go around here to ME... but then I've oftentimes been accused by both staff and youth of being the "R" word.  Yeah, right.  I say if the shoe fits, wear it -- and I'm blistered!