The previous few entries are blog postings I've written over the past few months or so and have been reposted here to remain part of the permanent record of my experiences... you may have seen them before.  If not, please take a look!

Things have not gotten any better, particularly... we've been fed more bullshit and treated to more sleight-of-hand tactics to make things SEEM like situations are getting better -- but most of us can't  be fooled with all the window dressing. 

Take the new policy of having to take our shoes off at the gatehouse.  DUH!!!  Anyone can read the notice BEFORE they go in that their shoes will need to be taken off and can easily go back to their car to put back any contraband they were trying to smuggle in.  Is contraband the main problem we face?  NO.  It is A problem, sure, but Admin really needs to focus on what the JCO 6's are (and are NOT) up to in terms of doing their jobs... among other things.

Does anyone really doubt that WHEN -- not IF -- the problems we face come publicly to light that certain people will be sooo deep in the hole they'll never get out?  That heads WILL roll?  Current policy seems to keep the status quo going as long as possible until the inevitable catches up and we have another situation like we did in 2007.  COVERUP is such a dreadful word, but there's not gonna be much wiggle room available when the shit hits the fan full force.  TOO BAD, y'all... too bad you didn't get out when the getting was good.