Perry says Romney knew of illegals working on his yard for a year and did nothing about it... and look what's happened.  Many reports say Perry knew of the impending TYC scandal for years... and did nothing about it... and look what happened.  And here we are now with a Juvenile Corrections agency that's on the brink of meltdown -- and no one's admitted to knowing the truth or done anything about it... so what can we can EXPECT?

I suspect when the shit hits the fan, there's going to be a lot of backpedaling by the Powers That Be in Austin and on the local administrative level.  "We didn't KNOW!" they'll exclaim with feigned surprise -- when the truth of the currently dysfunctional situation has been staring them in the face here on this website for months, as conditions have steadily gotten worse on the dorms.  "We had no IDEA!" they will cry, after being shown proof they've been told again and again that we need more staff, that discipline has broken down, and us JCO's are getting assaulted -- not to mention the kids.  WHO DOUBTS there are kids STILL being sexually molested on campus... that funds are being mis-managed... paperwork is being fudged, etc etc?  Do The Powers That Be have NO CLUE why staff are leaving in droves??  Or are they just keeping their heads in the sand to KEEP FROM having to make changes that are needed NOW??

Sorry... I can't be bought off so easy with the offer of a 30 (or even 45 minute) break after having to work by myself on an out of ratio dorm for the second shift in a row.  Look at the problems acting STOOPID has gotten Perry into -- you can bet I will do what I can to let people know HE KNEW TYC was a cesspool of an Agency and did NOTHING about it!  The next step on my agenda is to "get the word out" before someone else gets injured or is fired or feels they have to quit due to the unresponsive  Admin/Austin authorites that think we're all EXPENDABLE.  That will most likely mean writing to the legislators  and the director of TYC -- again -- as well as spilling the beans to newspapers, TV stations, WHOEVER IT TAKES to have someone in authority take notice and help us clean up this mess.  If I have to I might even consider holding a sign at the corner at the stoplight on 290 with some thought-provoking message on it, and who knows... maybe someone will decide to take a close look at what's going on here.  One can only hope.