Think about it:  Would you rather keep all your frustrations, anger, and disgust inside you where it can affect your performance as a JCO... or would you rather just say the hell with it and write what's on your mind? 

A bit of catharsis is something we ALL need.  JCO's  1-4 are encouraged  use this site as an opportunity to maybe purge ourselves and our working environment of the dangerous, unfair, illegal, etc etc things that we've all seen happen here and that are JUST PLAIN WRONG. 

Don't misunderstand -- I think we all would willingly acknowledge there are decent and hard-working fellow JCO co-workers, supervisors, case workers, admin people etc we enjoy interacting with... and... that there are also some petty, vindictive, lazy, unfair, racist, sexist and spiteful staff we have to deal with, too, right?  OK, what's new??!  It's our job to work things out with them best we can.  No, it's not easy.  It's work.   So let's make it easier on ourselves and work TOGETHER!

Please feel welcome to post and keep posted. 

You have the right to NOT leave your name to anything you write on this website, and your IP address will not be logged  I'll understand if you're a little shy to start with.  If you intend to write about specific individuals by name, that's your business.  I'm personally not so interested in setting out on a vendetta against any particular  youth or  specific TYC employees -- but am a firm believer in the old adage "If the shoe fits, wear it."  Respect me and I'll respect you, right?  Yes, SIR/MA'AM!

'Nuff said on that... so WRITE ON.